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The expiration of the eviction moratorium brought Councilwoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to the steps of the Capitol. The progressive Democrat from New York joined with protesters to fight for an extension of the moratorium. The protest was held on Monday.

The crowd stood and sat together on the steps throughout the protest. AOC was maskless as was most of the others. When the time came for her photo op, she quickly put her mask on. After the photos were done, AOC immediately took her mask off.

She was joined by Senator Ed Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, who did the exact same thing. Ed Markey is 75 years old, over twice as old as Ocasio-Cortez. They were both videotaped laughing afterwards.

The event was held practically simultaneously to the announcement made by the CDC for mask mandates.

“Housing is a human right,” the group said as the picture was taken, with someone after the photo saying “Everybody say ‘whiskey.’”

Markey pulled down his face mask almost immediately after the photo was taken as he chuckled at the “whiskey” joke.

Ocasio-Cortez soon followed suit, ditching her mask entirely a mere minute after the photo was taken, according to Breitbart, which posted the video to Twitter.

The eviction moratorium was instituted in the midst of the lockdowns last year. The moratorium forbids landlords from filing eviction proceedings for non-payment of rent.

AOC and her fellow squad members demanded that President Biden extend the program which was meant to be for temporary relief. Joe Biden did as he was directed to do and extended the moratorium the next day.

Democrats do not take this seriously at all. They know it’s all a game of thrones where all they want is control and power and they don’t care if you catch them in a lie or not.


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