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Liberal politicians want violence in their city’s streets. There can be no other explanation. Democrat-run cities are being overrun with violence. Soft on crime, district attorneys and lax sentencing have opened the door to a wave of criminal activity.

Portland, Oregon has some of the worst crime statistics in the country. The mayor of one of the Northwest’s most beautiful cities, “Ted Wheeler, is a joke!” Wheeler is allowing criminals and thugs to terrorize his city. At the peak of the 2020 riots, Wheeler refused help.

President Trump tried to help the crime-beleaguered Portland citizens. While he was still in the White House, President Trump said, “Portland is a mess, and it has been for many years. If this joke of a mayor doesn’t clean it up, we will go in and do it for them!”

But the joke is on the Portland residents. The crime hasn’t improved. In fact, crime in Portland is as bad as ever. There’s no “George Floyd excuse” to blame for the chaos in Portland’s streets. Downtown Portland is being plagued with a scourge of “street takeovers.”

On Sunday night, near the Portland Expo Center, hundreds gathered to take control of the street. An elderly man got caught up in the chaotic scene. As he attempted to turn around and get out, the man was violently attacked by an armed mob.

Video of the tragic event was posted on social media. This poor elderly person tried desperately to turn around and get away. Clearly, in a panic, he backed into another car. Someone in the crowd fired multiple shots at the van. This innocent person was left bloody and traumatized.

Besides shooting the elderly man, at least two people in the mob were struck by stray bullets. A 20-year-old man died. A GoFundMe campaign was started to pay for a funeral. One ANTIFA Twitter account posted, “My boys’ lifelong friend was killed last night at the street takeover.”

These thugs held a candlelight vigil for their dead friend. Any such death is a tragedy, but what about the innocent old man caught up in their purposeful violence? Is anyone staging a vigil for the trauma he certainly experienced? Where’s the funding campaign for his medical injuries?

Any ANTIFA candlelight services for the destruction and chaos they create in America’s cities? No, there never is. But the problem is the radical liberal leadership that’s allowing this to happen. Liberal-left mayors and city bureaucrats are letting their cities crumble.

From the outside looking in, it appears that it’s all being allowed to happen on purpose. There can be no other answer. There is a solution. It’s called “law and order.” Conservative leadership is the solution. The progressive liberal ideology is failing America. Worst of all, it’s destroying it.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • This is what happens when people that think that a “charging handle” is what you use to plug in your electric car get their hands on GUNS !!!! These ANTIFA CHILDREN don’t even know which end the bullets come out of !!!! PROOF that some people simply do not need to handle guns !!!! I am surprised that he didn’t shoot himself !!!

  • Dear Mr. “MODERATOR”(CENSOR) would you please explain to me exactly what part of my prior post needed “Moderation” and WHY !!!! There is not one word in it that could be in ANY way offensive to anybody that is in his, or her, right mind !!!

    • If they place a $1000 bounty on the antifa clowns and punks, I’m coming out of retirement and filling up my bank account – until then I’m sitting back and enjoying the antifa and blm clowns act like “wanna-be BA’s and failing terribly. At least their comical to watch as they cry, whine, and scream at the sky. Hey, it’s free speech and if you come to seek revenge on my truthful comments, well, all I can say is don’t bother packing a lunch because you’re not going to be here long. Also, a matter of courtesy to your families (if you have any that care about you) don’t forget to hug and tell them goodbye.

  • I used to go to Portland every year for a convention consisting of about 13,000 people. This brings a lot of money into the city. Thank God we stopped doing that a year ago. What a S__t hole Portland has become. Dirty, people craping in the sidewalks, needles and homeless to name a few. I will never go back.

  • These crimes are without any doubt conspired and organized by the far left commie, islam dems to destroy U.S. Freedom, Rights & National Security ! A dem’s vote fraud is obvious now that joe, bo treasonous illegal 3rd term proven as a #1 enemy within our U.S.A. to create a bo’s dictatorship he couldn’t confirm in his 8 years of insurrection ! A U.S. Military indictment & prosecution is the only justice left to end a dictator assault !

  • When will the people in Portland say enough is a enough fire the mayor and start clearing out the Antifa thugs by deadly force if necessary . Portland people are either mentally I’ll or just simply cowards or both. Grow some balls and take your city back

  • I hope GoFundMe has the decency to impound the account until the shooters are identified to make sure they are not abetting murder by paying the shooters. But don’t hold your breath.

    • You can forget about that. GoFundMe has already shown their colors and they are squarely on the side of the thugs. An account for any decent person or family is shut down for whatever the excuse of the day is.

  • George Sorros money just keeps them going, and why are they allowed to posses AR15’s when the pedophile in Cheif Biden wants them banned.? Where’s the red flag law the Communist Democrats passed.? Could it be because Antifa is not President Trump supporters.?
    We need some snippers on roof tops and start taking those Communist domestic terrorists out.!

  • The Democrat’s criminal mob are showing the voters what the Democrats condone,crime,murder,violence and and an old Dementia crook who can’t or isn’t Sane enough to speak as a President

  • Destroy Portland, they deserve what they preach and allow. So sad that the normal folks are stuck in this cesspool. Yes, law and order are needed, yes more police on the streets with the full support of cityhall, the DA and the local law abiding citizens. Prison time and no bail for these thugs destroying this once beautiful city.

    • I saw where, I think it’s Brazil, just made it legal to kill thugs on motorcycles robbing people in the streets, without any legal retribution. There were a couple of videos of drivers running over them, bikes and all, and just driving away. One guy ran up to a car and got capped 2 or 3 times and left on the sidewalk. Works for me!

  • ANTIFA is nothing but a Domestic Terrorist Organization that should be taken out !
    They serve no purpose other than to be the strong arm for the Communistic Democrats !
    At some point they need to be taken down like a pack of rabid dogs !
    Once they raised their Criminal heads they should have been eliminated !

  • The mayor knows this will get him re-elected for allowing the criminals to take over the city, the citizens are getting what they voted for.

  • None of this, not ANTIFA, not BLM, if during the 2016 presidential campaign season when ANTIFA and their racist, Marxist cohort BLM started their turning up and rioting and attacking people going to Trump and Sander’s rallies (strangely, never at a Clinton rally, but neither did many other people) if police and National Guard in riot gear and truncheons had descended on them like they used to do during all the leftist, hippy anti Vietnam war protest/ riots and cracked their skulls all the way to the paddy wagons. Unlike the leftist rioters of that era, I don’t think these cowardly masked Beta boys and girls (I think they were girls) are as tough as they were and seeing their own blood coupled with the 100% certainty they were going to get a riot baton bounced off their skulls and knees every time they started their s–t, these fascist morons would not even be an issue now nor would they have been back during the summer of 2020. My proof of that is, every time they singled out a person or group of people to attack and terrorize and that person(s) immediately responded aggressively to their hostile action, every stinking time, they suddenly retreated and started whining and acting like some poor victim, “Why are attacking us?”. Cowards are only brave when confronting someone in a group who looks intimidated, but when their target turns out to be neither intimidated and willing to respond aggressively immediately, well, that yellow streak up their spine starts glowing bright yellow.

  • Now WHO are the thugs?????? These people are not MAGA Americans. They’re domestic terrorists being paid for and pushed by Nazi Soros and the demonRat party

  • Was this the “Elite antifa Shock Troops” screwing up or the gay antifa members at the drag bar hangout? Too funny – shock troops????? Just a bunch of gender confused punks imho.

  • I wonder how the Democrat head commies get the “good” lower echelon CRATS to go along with their evils?

    Lower echelon CRATS simply must NOT be that good, eh?

    More like demons from hell.

  • Now how can there be an ANTIFA vigil when according to the not so bright FBI and the brainwashed Democrats! It is only an idea! Like claiming the BLM didn’t steal millions and buy themselves mansions It is a well known fact the Democrat will swallow any crap they are tossed by their keepers! And they are cheering that they are getting screwed!. I have heard even Duck tape can’t fix stupid! But it can muffle the sound! If you live in Portland. Be sure to have a good supply! The mayor should be hanging from a freeway over pass wondering how he got there!

  • In the minds of these pea brain uncivilized barbarians and pirates, any excuse is a a good excuse for them to commit arson, commit violence, and commit theft – because they know very well that with VP Harris and her ilk in positions of power, groups such as the Minnesota Freedom Fund, funded in part by anarchist VP Harris, will pay to keep these thugs out of prison for as many times as need be and for as long as possible. (Search the internet to easily find the video clip of anarchist VP Harris interviewed by Stephen Colbert on 6/18/2020). They want to replace good, upstanding, law-abiding, hard working, moral, courageous American citizens with the more vulnerable and malleable illegal aliens being encouraged to stream across the southern border by the democratic leadership.

  • “Oh…Boo hoo”…An Antifa thug got killed by one of his own! [ Who cares?} “PLAY IT AGAIN SAM”!

    if these “bleeding heart Liberal”…cities had some “Adult responsible leadership…law, & order, & Guts, to go along with that…..there would be much, much less mayhem, by these anti-social communists maggots…”Antifa, & “BLM”!

    Return this republic to “God”, common decency, rule of law, & our Constitution!

  • Any time any antifa puke dies is cause for celebration. Any time those cowards gather they should be shot and left to rot. With any luck the liberal mayors would be shot with them.

  • Where is the FBI?
    Where is the military and or Law Enforcement?
    Where is Nancy Pelosi?
    The Liberal Congress Mob?
    I for one am glad they are history and too bad there weren’t more of them that left.
    Its also too bad they didnt repent, find Christ and walk away before they committed suicide

  • “Any such death is a tragedy”??? No, this death was not at all a tragedy, was most definitely justified! It couldn’t have happened to a better specimen. It was just, it was deserved, it was righteous. The bastards should concentrate more on exterminating themselves to rid society of their useless ilk. This can’t happen enough! It is a win for decency, make no mistake about it! Justice was served. Funny how what comes around goes around, how justice metes out “justice”!

  • When are the Democrats going to end this carnage and lawlessness? What have they to gain by allowing and condoning Antifa and other destructive and militant groups? If anything, Antifa members and BLM members don’t pay taxes and the elderly driver does and he should have more protection than these groups.

  • I have searched and searched to find Democrats who are responsible for riots. To blame Democrats for efforts to destroy our country somebody should check their facts. Sad is our constitution gives us freedom speech to say anything we want true or false.



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