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Something that began as a misheard chant from a crowd of enthusiastic racing fans has grown into a national theme song. It all started during a post-race interview on NBC Sports. NASCAR driver Brandon Brown had just claimed his first career NASCAR victory.

During his interview, fans began to chant a loud reoccurring chorus. The NBC news reporter doing the interview waxed so affectionately about how the crowd was shouting their approval for Brown. They were not.

Kelli Stavast was hearing something far different from what these people were actually yelling. They weren’t verbally displaying their adoration for Brandon Brown’s monumental victory. They were shouting their bitter disapproval of the horrific job being done by our current president.

The one line chorus wasn’t “Let’s Go, Brandon”. Fans were screaming, “F*** Joe Biden”. That’s quite a contrast in lyrical meaning. This vocal displeasure with the deplorable job performance by Joe Biden since he moved into the White House has gone viral.

There are “Let’s Go, Brandon” t-shirts available. Packed college football stadiums across the nation echo their own version of this “tongue-in-cheek” castigation of Biden’s blundering presidency. Fans are loudly voicing their dissatisfaction with this dreadful president.

The chorus of disgust is even being heard in places outside the United States. In Rome, a group of protestors, angered by unnecessary COVID vaccine mandates, broke into a raucous and resounding chorus of “F*** Joe Biden” refrains.

Protestors are also showing up at venues where Joe Biden is trying to stop the cataclysmic collapse of his presidency. Every one of these vocal protests has one thing in common. They all are conveying a rabid repudiation for Joe Biden’s disgraceful performance.

Rapper Loza Alexander has seized the moment. Joe Biden is so despised at this point in his failed presidency that a song by Alexander has rocketed to number one on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart. Yes, the song is artfully entitled “Let’s Go, Brandon”.

However, unlike the misheard chant at the Talladega Speedway on October 2, the iconic anti-Biden melody is punctuated by a sample of what the race crowd in Alabama was really saying. The whole progression of this misheard chant might be amusing if not for the glaring truth.

Take a look at some of these lyrics:

And I say it wit’ a passion
As I pull off in the Aston
Don’t nobody like his a**, huh?
Tried to cover up, but tell the people, go Brandon
But we know what they sayin’, though
You can hear thе chant in every post
Don’t nobody want this commie ‘causе we not in China
Everybody hated Trump, and now they out to catch a body
That’s what they get for treatin’ us like we in Squid Game
Dream light, mandate like he’s insane
These times, people wakin’ up to e’erything
Go Brandon, but we all know what the sayin’ mean


People are becoming increasingly angered at where Joe Biden’s presidency is leading our nation. These vocal disapprovals are just the beginning. Joe Biden is doing more than just making people mad. His policies are rapidly eroding our nation’s core.

Joe Biden is destroying the country. The number of proud Americans who are witness to this debacle is growing like a tidal wave. However, there needs to be action behind these songs. While Americans sing of their bitterness over a failed presidency, they also need to let their votes sing even louder.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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