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Alyssa Milano tweeted out messages to blame President Donald Trump for mishandling the Chinese virus pandemic (CV-19) and called on the entire GOP to be tried for treason when someone told her about revelations coming from Bob Woodward’s new book.

Excerpts from the longtime reporter’s book “Rage” had been published by The Washington Post (of course) on Wednesday including audiotapes from early February wherein Trump told Woodward that CV-19 was “deadly stuff” while he was also telling the general public that it was no worse than the seasonal flu.  In the end, we know that to be true.   A month or more later, Trump admitted in another interview with Woodward that he wanted to play the virus down in an effort to not trigger a panic across the country.

Why Trump sits down with this man, who is hell bent on trashing him and his presidency, is beyond me.  The fact that he does this denies the accusations of the Left that Trump is a fascist dictator, because no fascist dictator worth his salt would ever allow negative things like what comes from Woodward to become public.  Trump wakes up every day to about 5,000 negative articles written about him.

Milano joined countless other leftist dopes who questioned the reason and motivation behind Trump’s decision to tell the American people one thing publicly while sharing with Woodward that he knew all along how potentially threatening to the US the CV-19 virus could be. On top of questioning the president’s actions she encouraged her followers to vote for Joe Biden in the November 3rd election.  November 4th if you’re a Democrat.  Ssshhhh.

Alyssa Milano with a mask

“Trump knew the virus was deadly when he called it ‘the Democrat’s new hoax.’ He politicized a f–king pandemic because he knew taking it seriously would mean closing down the economy which would hurt his rich friends,” she wrote on Twitter Wednesday. “We must elect Joe Biden. He is our only hope. #BuildBackBetter.”

So, the Democrats went from FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is, fear itself,” to “Joe Biden will save us all from his basement!”

The truth is Trump never said “the virus” was the hoax.  He said the way the Democrats and the Fake News media were portraying it “was the hoax.”  Milano can’t even get that much right.

One drawback with the Left’s logic is they’re saying Biden would have handled it better.  Where, from his basement?  In fact, after Trump shut down travel from China in January, a move that all experts agree saved countless American lives, Biden back in February told Americans the day before he won the South Carolina Democratic primary that they should not panic over the virus.


So, which is it?  Should Trump have not taken Biden’s own advice and allowed panic to ensue throughout the country, or was the president correct in trying to quell any panic openly while at the same time doing all of the things he did to combat the virus?

Here are some key takeaways of steps President Trump made:

  • Took early action to cut off travel from China
  • Built the world’s leading testing system from nothing
  • Enacted mitigation measures to slow the spread
  • Mobilized public and private sectors to secure needed supplies
  • Took action to protect vulnerable Americans
  • Launched effort to deliver a vaccine and therapeutics in record time
  • Provided support to workers and businesses
  • Paved way for reopening to get America working again
  • Surged resources to hot spots as they arose
  • Confronted China as origin of the virus while Democrats and media cowered

Even so, the Fake News media will never mention that back in 2009, when he was vice president, Joe Biden sparked a panic by imploring the public to not travel by airplane or subways due to the threat of the H1N1 swine flu.  The Obama White House tenderly attempted to walk back Biden’s hyperbolic comments.

The dopey actress even went as far as to say, “The entire @GOP should be tried for treason.”  And like a coward, the actress limited the ability to respond to people who kiss her derriere.

Treason would be Democrat governors and Democrats in DC pushing for lockdowns to intentionally crash the economy in an effort to make Americans as miserable as possible for months, all in the attempt of harming Trump’s chances for re-election in November.  They intentionally destroyed the country, and in some cases caused needless deaths by the thousands due to politically motivated decisions rather than based on health.

Treason is punishable, according to federal legislation, by the loss of life penalty.  President Trump has used the phrase to explain what the Obama-Biden administration did  after they spied on his presidential marketing campaign throughout and after the 2016 presidential election.

Nevertheless, Milano gave her top hateful comments on the subject during an early-morning tweetstorm Thursday where she laid the blame for the state of the country’s economy on what she believes is the president’s failure.  Forget the fact that Trump didn’t shut down a single business, family, or individual throughout the entire pandemic.  That would be the governors and mayors, red states complying in the beginning before all the science started turning against the Democrats’ draconian plot to make Americans as miserable as possible to hurt Trump in November.


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