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When people concoct wild conspiracy theories, usually no one is truly hurt. Sure, there may be those individuals who are sucked in by the false narrative. But these unrealistic conspiracies don’t have to be believed. It’s the decision of the person who believes what’s being told to them.

Logic might assume this theory would apply to people who claim to have been harmed by such tall tales. Conspiracy theorists probably don’t expect to be ordered to pay damages if their claims turn out to be a pack of lies. Don’t tell that to Alex Jones.

Alex Jones used a terrible tragedy as the backdrop for his conspiracy. Jones insisted that the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were staged. He said that the government hired actors to play the families of the victims and the administrators at the school.

Jones claims the whole hoax was designed to give the government a reason to confiscate guns from every American citizen. He thought that the faked shooting of innocent young school children would be enough to trigger legislators to repeal the Second Amendment.

Most people appreciate that this was, at best, a farfetched fantasy. Sure, the liberal left wants to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. It’s a terrible idea with huge consequences that the elite left will not acknowledge.

You see, they’ll keep their armed body guards while the masses are left to fend for themselves. But Jones’s notion that Sandy Hook was a fabricated, governmental cover-up was simply too far outside reality to be believed. But was he liable for spreading his concocted story?

Some argued that in a democracy where free speech is a core value, Jones could say whatever he wanted. However, multiple U.S. courts have ruled otherwise. Two separate juries in Texas and Connecticut have determined that the conspiracy irretrievably damaged the victims.

The Texas jury ordered Jones to pay the victims of the eight families $4.1 million in compensatory damages and $45.2 million in punitive damages. This total amount was reduced by a Texas state law, which places a cap on maximum damage awards.

Subsequently, the Connecticut jury awarded these same eight families another $950 million in damages. That brings Mr. Jones’s total obligation for his fantastic tale to over $1 billion. Since the shooting, Jones has continued to claim it was a hoax.

The families of the victims argued that the conspiracy led to harassment against them. They insisted that Jones’s perpetrated hoax unnecessarily exacerbated the anguish over tragically losing their children. The family’s lawsuits against Jones started in 2018.

They hired a team of lawyers to take action against Jones and Free Speech Systems. Free Speech Systems is the parent company of Jones’s conspiracy organization, Infowars. Christopher Mattei was on the family’s legal team. Mattei argued, “It’s exactly what Alex Jones set himself up to do.”

“That’s what he built. He built a lie machine that could push this stuff out. You reap what you sow.” Like many Americans who realize that the shootings were a tragic reality; there is little sympathy for Jones. When the lawsuits started, Jones reportedly admitted that the shooting really did happen.

But it was too late. He failed to comply with court orders during the discovery process. This second judgment makes it clear that free speech is fine, unless you purposefully slander the names of dead children. In a sense, Alex Jones really did reap what he sowed.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Allowed to happen to take away our guns, most definitely!
    This falls under the category of, “I think I’ll just keep that one to myself. “

  • The award is all pie in the sky. It will never be collected.
    It does not bring the children back, all it did was confirm the obvious.
    It dragged on for four years, the families were constantly reminded of their horror,making their anguish self inflicted.
    What happened to them was a tragedy, and what Jones did was garbage media at it’s worst. It is not much different than the day to day garbage on MSNBC, CNN, THE VIEW, Etc..

    Jones career is over, but isn’t it pathetic, that all he did was spin a yarn, and he is punished far more than the school that was extremely lax in their security for the children in their care, or the shooter himself.

    • They go after Jones for believing in a conspiracy yet the government has been lying to us about the weapon used so that they could advance their anti-gun agenda. An AR-15 was NOT used according to the police chief who made the first public comment. When asked about the scene he replied…the shooter has been neutralized but the area in strewn with empty 9mm cases…He also said than AR style rifle was found in the trunk of the shooter’s car. A pistol was used..NOT an AR-15! The government and the media lied to use because that pistol didn’t advance their agenda. It’s strange too that that police chief was never interviewed again…never.

      • there is a great video that tells of at least 20 things that proved it was all FAKE. If you do a search for it on youtube, you won’t find it because Youtube is with the satanic globalists who protect one another but if you know the link, you can still use it (I might have it but I’d have to dig it out)

  • Normally I would take the InfoWars side. But I recently saw how they butchered a YouTube story about the Electric Ford Pickup truck. I saw the original video by Tyler Hoover and InfoWars reporting on it was like two different stories completely. Tyler was a little upset about that, do you think? Jones just made things up seemingly on the fly. It does seem that InfoWars has a comeuppance coming. Ironically, the video was bad enough for Ford. It didn’t need lying help from InfoWars. Meanwhile Tucker Carlson also ran a segment on it and got the story spot on. I don’t think we need InfoWars anymore. And if this will help get rid of it. Sie La Vie.

  • How many of you have heard about murder cases that have taken many, many years to solve? A young girl was murdered in my town in the 1970s. The case wasn’t solved until 40+ years later.
    Adults and children were murdered at Sandy Hook E.S. That’s a fact. But who really did it? There a rumor about someone in camouflage gear standing in the woods.
    It may be another 40+ years before we find out that what we thought we knew, was wrong.
    What galls me is the way people are so anal to sue for any reason. No amount of money will bring their kids back. If I hear of one of these parents squandering the money on stupid stuff (houses, cars, boats, airplanes, vacations, designer clothes, gambling, drugs,) then you’ll know that all they cared about was wringing money out of someone for just having an opinion.

  • And he will file for bankruptcy And that will be that! Then they can all pay for their own lawyers ! I clearly remember the laughing parent that sure made it look fake to me. Then the media that showed the wrong school! Yet they never went after the big money?????? Does give it the smell of fake something! Funny how they never complained about that!

  • Now that it is publically admitted that slander is dangerous and someone must pay dearly in big cash for it, they just established a precedent. All the slander against Trump with the fake dossier and the destruction of his Presidency must be revisited and the thousands of perpetrators/slanderers/attackers (Hillary, the retired British agent, many participants in our 3 Letter agencies who vigorously persecuted, stole private records, badgered his lawyer and viciously went after his family and not forgetting almost the entire slavish lame-stream media) must be hauled into court and be made to pay for the damage they did to Trump, Wife and family, his party and our Country, which is greatly suffering in many ways – today. Fair is Fair.

  • Corporations that have *actually* killed and maimed thousands have never seen such punitive damage and they can absorb it. This judgment speaks volumes to the velocious, evil hypocrisy rampant in the current zeitgeist. “because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.”



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