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The United States has been in serious trouble before, but this time could be different. A president that half of America doesn’t believe was elected fairly could (and already is) lead us to an unhealthy and dangerous future where democracy will be threatened at every turn by evil puppeteers who have their hands on Biden’s strings!

The problem with our democracy is a vast one and the media is in cahoots with the Democrats to push the new liberal agenda on everyone.

Earlier this month, Barack Obama’s failed Supreme Court nominee and now Joe Biden’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland sent a chilling letter to parents warning them about his plan for federal law enforcement agencies in their communities. The interference with local autonomy is likely meant as intimidation against teachers and school boards who resist mandatory curriculum standards which teach Critical Race Theory as well as the mask mandates.

Parents are outraged and they’re not willing to take this lying down.

This week, a father in Clark County, Nevada, showed up to a Clark County School Board meeting and stunned the board members when he served them with papers in the middle of his speech.

“This is segregation based off of your own fears and your own personal interests,” the unidentified father told the school board members. “The people in this country have had enough, and we are fighting back.”

“I have something to give you,” he said. He called security and asked them to do him a “favor,” asking “Would you please hand those forms to the board members?” As the security person was handing out the papers serving each member, the father announced, “You’ve been officially served a $200 million lawsuit with six complaints and violations or multiple amendments.”

“Your job is not to be concerned with the children’s healt. You’re not nurses. You’re not doctors. You are not responsible for their health organization. Your only focus is on our children’s education, and the education system here is 50th in the state, and you make almost more money than anybody else.”

“It is very clear that you have failed in doing that job. This country is not alone. It’s time that we wake up. Now, we’re gonna do a lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. We can throw it out as much as you want. We’re gonna keep this paperwork on your desk and keep the problem going until we get exactly what we want.”

“This is not a negotiation, we will have our freedom of choice, and we’re gonna see you in court,” he added.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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