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The state of Oregon may be carrying the riots to a whole new level. It began last week when Oregon governor Kate Brown accused right-wing groups of being responsible for the rioting, but now, the focus could be shifting to the police.

The Oregon ACLU has asked her to appoint a special prosecutor to charge police with crimes.

Seattle police have been witnessed attacking bricks and concrete with their head. They don’t even try to hide their actions. They have also been known to violently attack the peaceful Molotov cocktails tossed to them as gifts by the loving rioters. The nerve of them.

Brown warned the Proud Boys that she would not stand for violence from them. But there was no massive violence. At least not until the Proud Boys were all gone.

Then rioting broke out with police savagely attacking all the objects antifa and BLM threw their way. This was followed by no comment from Brown.

 Kelly Simon, interim legal director at the ACLU of Oregon, said :

“We condemn white supremacy, and acknowledge the pain, fear, and psychological and physical harm that events like Proud Boys rallies. And what they bring to people in our communities, especially for black, brown, indigenous and other people of color.”

“Oregon officials must examine why groups like this continue to target Portland, including how police behavior supports such harm. On Saturday, Oregonians who came together to continue to declare that black lives matter. And to reject white supremacy, to repeat calls to defund the police, and to rally against police violence. And bias were once again met with disgraceful police uses of force. Among many abuses, police violently shoved and dispersed journalists. Forcefully threw people to the ground, and threatened to destroy the critical supplies of protest medics.”

“We call on Governor Brown to use her authority under ORS 131.805 to appoint a special, independent prosecutor to investigate and prosecute the rampant police abuses. And that have occurred in Portland over the last several months. We also call on all law enforcement agencies who have engaged in policing at these protests. To make publicly available all inter-agency agreements, cross-deputation documents, and technologies being used in their law enforcement activities. The public has a right to know who is policing their streets and to what agency policies, if any, they are accountable.”

It is everybody’s fault except the rioters. It’s the Proud Boys’ fault when they are not there. It’s the police’s fault when they stand down. But then are attacked with bottles, Molotov cocktails and bricks.

It has been over 100 days of rioting and yet the rioters are blameless. Do they really believe anyone id buying their crap? I know I don’t.

Portland has been ground zero for the rioting. Mayor Wheeler and Governor Brown consider themselves blameless as well. The rioters are not really that bad. That is just a vicious rumor started by thousands of victims. The city has suffered losses that they will never recover from. The businesses that were burned out and looted aren’t coming back. But to make it worse, no one in their right mind would start a new business there.

Without jobs, many people will be forced to move out. The closed businesses erode the tax base.


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