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Nineteen black families have come together and purchased a 97-acre tract of land that sits in rural Georgia which they plan to use to create a city that can serve as a “safe space” for black families.

The planned black cooperative city, which they will name as simply, “Freedom,” is slated to be built on land purchases in August that sits just east of Macon, Georgia in Wilkinson County.

Wilkinson County, Ga
Wilkinson is located in a rural area of Wilkinson County, Georgia, about 120 miles southeast of Atlanta.

It’s the inspiration of real estate agent Ashley Scott and her friend, Renee Walters, an investor and business entrepreneur. “We figured we could try to fix a broken system or we could start fresh. This is how we build our new Black Wall Streets. We can do this. We can have Wakanda. We just have to build it for ourselves,” Scott said.

White people who are “pro-black people” can also apply to live there.

“I’m hoping that it will be a thriving safe haven for people of color, for black families in particular,” Scott told CNN.

“It’s impossible to have anything exclusively black because our families are integrated. We are an integrated, tolerant and diverse community even as Black people, so we don’t intend for it to be exclusively Black, but we do intend for it to be pro Black in every way.

“So much land was stolen from black people. So much land was stolen from indigenous peoples. So, to be able to come back and reclaim this land from whoever may have had it, because we don’t know the story and that’s the reality.

“We don’t know so many of our stories, but we can make a new story and that’s what we hope to do here.”

The two women had been sadly moved by the unrest that was ignited by the death of George Floyd by the hands of Minneapolis police, and Breonna Taylor at the hands of Louisville Metro Police.

After Ahmaud Arbery, 23, was fatally shot for jogging near Brunswick in Glynn County, Georgia, they both felt it was necessary to seek out a new community that they could start on their own.

Scott and Walters are planning to develop the land out in stages.

At first they plan to clear out the land, to farm it, and even create a man-made lake for fishing.

The work is critical before submitting a request for a city charter.

“Watching our people protesting in the streets, while it is important, and I want people to stay out in the streets, bringing attention to the injustices of black people,” Scott said.

“We needed to create a space and a place where we could be a village, again, a tribe, again. We wanted to create this safe space where we can address our own issues and concerns.”

Scott and Walters started to see a real interest among their friends and families on joining the efforts to create a new black city.

“We both have black husbands. We both have black sons,” Walters said.

“And I was starting to get overwhelmed and have a sense of anxiety when my husband will leave the house to go to work. So, it was like, OK, what can we do?

“And once I saw the post of Toomsboro going viral, about a town being on sale, I was like, ‘Oh, this is perfect’.”

God Bless them, and I hope they succeed.  This is what America is all about.  You don’t like what’s going on, and you feel you can’t fix it through legitimate means, rather than take to the streets and destroy innocent property and innocent people’s lives, you take the bull by the horns and do something positive about it.  This idea is entrepreneurial, it’s capitalistic, it smacks of the sense of community, it’s the American way, and it will succeed the way the original Black Wall Street did in the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, before Oklahoma became the reddest of red states, there were Democrat Klansman who slaughtered the innocents in Greenwood back in May and July of 1921 during the Tulsa Massacre.  To this day the Democrats and their boot-licking sycophants in the mainstream news media call it the Tulsa Riots.  It wasn’t riots, it was a massacre of innocent black people who were working hard and living their lives in peace.

Tulsa Massacre
“slain black man laying on the street with his head covered from the Tulsa Race Massacre, 1921” by over 26 MILLION views Thanks is licensed with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit

Constructing a new city can take years if not decades, but the planners are hoping to work on an accelerated pace.  Hint:  They should call Donald Trump.  Trust me, he would be proud to help them go in the right direction to build their city.

“We thought it would be a five to ten-year process, but with the outpouring of support that we’ve gotten we can make this happen much faster,” she says.

“As soon as we can acquire the land, the people, the bodies, we are going to be pushing this.”


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