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Sean Feucht, a California-based worship leader, has invited Governor Gavin Newsom to pray with him on the steps of the California State Capitol on September 6th, reports First Liberty Institute via Twitter.

When California issued a ban on singing and chanting in worship services in early July as a preventative against COVID, Sean Feucht responded with a petition called “Let Us Worship.” Within a single day, the petition had gathered over 2,500 signatures. By the fourth day, there were almost 7,000 signatures.

Sean Feucht then began leading large gatherings of worship services in response to California’s ban on singing and chanting in worship services in early July. He has traveled up and down the California coast, hosting worship events in numerous California cities.

Media outlets have largely celebrated the Black Lives Matter protests occurring nationwide to promote social change, and city governments have allowed these protests to continue for weeks. When it comes to churches, however, the media and government have been far harsher. 

Feucht has been critical of how Newsom and nationwide media have treated churches in recent weeks in comparison with their positive treatment of protests.

Most recently, Feucht was interviewed on Fox & Friends about these “Let Us Worship” protests. “…at best, it’s hypocrisy and at worst, it’s bigotry…”, he said of the government’s discrimination against churches.

He said that the government’s restrictions on churches is a double standard since protests have not been handled in the same, strict way as church gatherings.

“We need bold and courageous pastors that are not only going to stand on our Constitutional rights to worship,” Feucht continued, “but they’re going to stand up against the insanity of these laws…”

The “Let Us Worship” protests have been marked by joyous singing and music, prayer, and baptisms, unlike the race protests that have been overcome by violence, destruction, and crime. 

Feucht is next headed to Portland, Oregon on August 8th to partner with local church leaders to worship and pray over a city that has been rocked by violent protests for several weeks.

There is no word yet on whether Governor Newsom has responded to Feucht’s invitation to pray on the steps of the State Capitol. 

Feucht tweeted that this would be a great opportunity for Newsom to show his equal support for protests and prayer meetings.

Caitlin Bassett

Caitlin Bassett graduated from Liberty University in 2017 with her Bachelor's in Politics and Policy. She grew up in the great Pacific Northwest, but now calls Northern California home as she pursues ministry school.

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