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At a pro-Trump rally in Wilmington, Delaware on Sunday, a group of Biden supporters allegedly drove by and threw eggs at bystanders, striking three children and three adults.

Lauren Witzke, a Delaware Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, posted a video to YouTube and Twitter showing the egg remnants still stuck to the clothes and hair of two young children.

“This is what happened,” she told the camera. “They drove by and threw eggs at little children.” She called the act a “hate crime” and called the culprits “hateful liberals”.

“This is what the Democrat party allows,” she said in the video, pointing to a young girl’s head covered in egg shells.

Mitzke said the police had been called and were on their way. She called on Democrats to denounce the act.

“This is a hate crime right here, just for being conservative, little children getting egged. It’s disgusting.”

Delaware State Police were called to the scene and are currently investigating the incident. They are currently seeking public assistance to identify the suspects in what they are calling “an offensive touching.”

According to the police, three children (aged 10, 7, and 5) and three adults (aged 41, 44, and 70) were struck by the eggs while standing near Kirkwood Highway attending the political rally. The suspects were described as being adult males between 20-25 years old in a gold or white SUV.

Ted Cruz shared the video on Twitter, saying, “Rational adults, civilized human beings, people with even a shred of decency…DO NOT do this.”

The video has also received backlash, with many commenting on the insensitivity of Witzke and others in placing the children before a camera for political points.

“First off, if you’re seriously making a little girl stand there with egg in her hair instead of making sure she’s okay and CLEANING THE EGG OUT OF HER HAIR until you shoot a video for Twitter, you have serious issues,” said YouTube personality Steven Crowder.

According to the police, no injuries were reported and no arrests have yet been made.

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