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As soon as Justice Ginsburg died, talks immediately began as to who would fill her spot. Those on the left began claiming that the spot should be filled by whoever wins the presidential race in November. However, it’s currently the middle of September, we’re about a month and a half away from the election. 

Waiting would be ridiculous. But the Democrats don’t care as long as a Republican doesn’t take Ginsburg’s seat.

Well, unfortunately for them, it doesn’t look like they’re going to get their wish. President Trump made respectful and incredibly mature comments on the passing of Ginsburg, then got to work picking out her replacement. It’s not that he’s doing it out of disrespect, but time, and especially politics, stop for no one. 

People die all of the time. It’s unfortunate, but it is part of life. Justice Ginsburg had a long run on the earth and her time came. That doesn’t mean, though, that we have to stop the world from spinning and not replace her. 

Ginsburg’s seat is an incredibly important opening. As a conservative, even more so. That seat can turn the tide of important political decisions. Though Ginsburg was a trailblazer, there is no doubt about that, she was also a huge abortion advocate. 

I find myself writing this all the time, but advocating for abortion is completely contradictory to advocating for women. In addition to killing babies, abortion is so dangerous for women. The surgery itself is dangerous, but the side effects even more so. (Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, just to name a few). 

We need to get that justice position filled with someone who will stand up for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. President Trump has the power and ability to fill the seat. It’s his responsibility to do so as President of the United States of America. 

If Biden wins, he’ll have the opportunity to make decisions and picks like this. Of course, that would be disastrous for America, but legally, he would have the power to make those decisions. 

The Democrats are so afraid, though-of Trump. They are terrified of his power and morals. Two things that can be dangerous if paired together in the wrong person. Someone with power but awful morals can destroy America. We almost saw it happen with Hillary Clinton. What they’re afraid of, though, is all of the awful things they hold dear crumbling down.

Trump stands for everything that they don’t- protecting first and second amendment rights, saving the life of the unborn and keeping America safe. He’s pro-life and pro-woman, something that absolutely kills Democrats. They don’t believe someone can be both. 

Trump has power, but the next Justice picked will have an incredible amount as well. Both sides of the political spectrum want control, but only one side won’t abuse it. Democrats want the pick to be postponed until November so whichever candidate that wins can make the choice. They want this because they are so certain Biden will somehow win. They don’t seem to be considering the alternative, however. 

Trump is going to be choosing the Justice either way. 

Brittany Slaughter

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