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How is Bob Menendez still serving in Congress? This guy was investigated a few years ago on some corruption charges where he actually stood trial.

These past corruption charges were back in 2015 when he was indicted on bribery charges for accepting “luxury vacations, golf outings, campaign donations and expensive flights” from Florida physician Salomon Melgen in exchange for political favors. He faced a dozen criminal charges and was accused of accepting more than $700,000 in campaign related cash and thousands of dollars in free hotel rooms and air travel.

This actually goes back a long ways, even as far back as 2012 when he was having inappropriate relations with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. Imagine if that were some Republican Senator instead. He would have been hung out to dry a long time ago.

Now, he’s being investigated by our own federal government once again!

According to the Daily Wire,

The details of what the investigation centers around are not clear, but attorney Antranig Aslanian Jr, who knows Menendez, was subpoenaed by the Southern District of New York and said in an interview that prosecutors wanted to know about the senator’s interactions with people who he knew, and they asked about a company “authorized to certify halal meat for export.”

“Senator Menendez is aware of an investigation that was reported on today,” said Menendez adviser Michael Soliman. “However, he does not know the scope of the investigation.”

“As always, should any official inquiries be made, the Senator is available to provide any assistance that is requested of him or his office,” Soliman added.

If this were a Republican he would have been “canceled” already and kicked out of Congress. But since he’s a Democrat, he knows that his liberal constituents don’t care about being morally upstanding. But that’s the way it goes today.

Brittany Slaughter

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  • This type of article us why I do not subscribe to several other news sites, and now I will be canceling yours. You raise concerns with partial info – he was indicted – but you don’t give complete outcomes of his case. Was he acquitted? Slapped on the wrist? Found guilty? (Hm, he’s still serving in Congress, so what does that tell us?) I get plenty of slanted information from MSM. I expect conservative news sites to be factual in pointing out obvious bias in court proceedings. This type reporting is just as inflammatory and shameful when done by either side.

    • menendez is a good criminal, you cannot put these demo rats in jail for breaking the law, you just acquit him and let him keep on stealing from the taxpayers, how else are these low life dirt bags going to buy more beach properties?

    • Read the article as it quotes even Menendez doesn’t know the scope of the investigation so it is on going with no information being released at this time.

    • Mendez was my congressmen in jersey, crooked as they come, its the dems MO to qualify. and he will walk away free as usual, now i know why they promote the new agenda of no bail and set free they are covering their own butts.

    • Diane, you are right to feel betrayed by this story. This man is a shame and should not be able to stay out of prision, but we know why! There is no judgement on their side of the aisle, But GOD is watching and this life will be a whole lot better than his next.

    • Diane, I recently wrote about Menendez as I hasd not heard of the outcome of his trial where he was found guilty but appealedf it. While on appeal her ran again and was re-elected/ The details are more up to date than my article was. What was not said was what he did to protect the Opthalmologist who was dishing out all of these free goodies to the Senator from N.J. It seems the eye doctor was somehow cheating Medicare heavily and when Medicare which always pays first and then investigates later, went after the cheating Doctor but Menendez went after Medicare and asked them to forget about it. As long as a politician and other criminal is under an appeal, they are considered not guilty, just as Ken Lay of Enron who was found guilty and would have gone to prison but filed an appeal then took Wife number 2 with him to a remote cabin and was found dead, That MEANT HIS WIFE GOT TO KEEP THE FUNDS THAT LAY HAD FROM GOING TO THE STOCK HOLDERS due to the protection of the appeal–He was found guilty but the appeal gave all of his ill-gotten fortune to wifey 2. It appears the courts in N.J. or the Federal Courts are so busy that Menendez has been living a normal corrupt life of a politician. I was just curious to know if Obama or Biden may have pardoned our not guilty Senator? Guess I opened a can of WORMS.

  • Career politicians all seem to “learn the system” so they can become rich and enjoy lavish vacations while doing “the people’s business. Whenever possible vote for challenger and “new blood” to keep the system honest.

  • I say voters who continue to keep re-electing politicial candidates such as this are not victims, they are accomplices.

  • Except that I don’t believe you. They’re ALL corrupt! It doesn’t matter what party they are, they both want a nuclear war! Where the hell have you been?

    • how about a new gov’t. ? Free of federal abuses and taxation? secession anyone? Make citizens free again? restore the republic? get an instant 40-50% cut in taxes? it’s a WIN WIN

  • Menendez is just one of the forever criminal Democrats that they “have to” investigate just to waste money and drop it.That’s the Democrat way in DC,only they are allowed to be criminals

  • Dems and RINOs protect each other because if one goes down they are taking others with them. Media snd big tech cover their backs because they need Dems to remain in power to carry out their marxist agendas. Menedez is compromised just as Bidens are. Criminal gangs and FBI have proof and evidence of him with undersge girls.

  • The problem with DC is it is full of Democrats! As we saw in the Durham trial the jury was filled with Hillary donners! Hardly a fair trial and I really doubt you could be allowed to fill a jury with your buddies! But that corrupt judge allowed it! Hardly what you would call a fair trial when the jury pool is all Democrats trying a Democrat!

    • The Demomarxists are on a path to destroy the USA. You cannot have the corruptions found in our political elites without the elites destroying the whistle blowers. We know Biden is corrupt as well as his entire corrupt clan but is anything done about it? HELL NO. Menendez a sitting Senator from NJ taking millions in favors and cash from an eye surgeon who was robbing Medicare, who doesn’t check suspicious billings, until after the fact. Menendez got into trouble when it was made public. Menendez went to trial found guilty, got an appeal ran again for Senator and won, As long as he is on appeal, he is considered not guilty. Are the courts waiting for him to expire before they hold another trial? He went to Medicare to plead his benefactor’s case and asked them for Mercy and that is why he went to trial and the eye doctor went to jail. I guess when the Feds went through the eye dr. financials is how they discovered the debauchery of the HONORABLSENATOR FROM N.J. MENENDEZ

  • It is time get rid of the Criminals inside of the American Government !
    Our Government has turned into the Mafia!
    They are totally against the American People!
    They are stealing our tax money for their interest not the American People!
    They are Destroying America!

  • The last I heard about Mendenez was the Dr he helped cheat Medicare out of big bucks–The eye surgeon went to jail and he paid Menendez with cash, prostitutes and use of his private plane to visit houses of ill repute out of the country. He was found guilty but appealed. He won his next election. I never heard how or if he bought off the court or won his case or got a slap on the wrist. This could be from his first case but since he has proved to be very corrupt, there could be a new corruption case.

    • Yeah, I remember. This guy came over to the Senate from the House about 2006. He’s really big in the NJ Democrat party. Back in his early days in government he was allegedly paying the air-fare for his buddies to fly to (as I remember) Haiti to sleep with little boys. That’s what got Limbaugh all steamed up. But, as usual with Derelict Democrats, he got off of the charge (he’s still Senior Senator from New Jersey). Notables like Corey Booker gave a character reference at his trial. Five years ago he was charged with another crime. But, guess what? He got off. Apparently the New Jersey voters aren’t too picky. And if they fear a time without a Menendez, his son is running for The House in this coming election.

  • But he is a Democrat and you know the laws do not apply to them. He is a corrupt slime ball and needs to go to prison.

  • This guy has been a criminal his entire political life. I hope the Republican controlled Congress investigates him starting in January.

  • Proving once again that Democrats are the party of perverts! Soon there will be a bounty on these child molesters! And the people will not need the corrupt courts at all! They will just deal with them and any who try to protect them!

  • 90% the Hispanics People Carry Corruption in Their Blaood, They are very Cumming,
    To Make FRAUD. This man was quiet, but tremendous criminal, Menendez, Mayorka are Cubians .In NJ. there are millions of Cubians. How many Cubias are committing fraud with Medicare & Medicaid. Democrts Corrupy,



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