The Supreme Court will be hearing the case of Moore vs. Harper, brought by North Carolina’s Republican state House speaker.

He is challenging the State Supreme Court’s decision to reject the congressional maps, drawn by the legislature and replace it with their own map. But, this case has consequences that go far beyond congressional maps.

This case will decide if leftist judges and the executive branch can overrule the state legislature in writing election law.

The timing will be important, although the decision would normally come by next June, that decision could possibly come by fall since it could affect the midterm elections and there would be no way to appeal after the election even if the decision next year goes in their favor.

And it is probable that the plaintiffs will win since the constitution clearly gives the responsibility of running elections up to the state legislature.

Breitbart reported:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday agreed to hear a case next term to potentially bolster the elections power of state legislatures.

The high court announced it would take up the case, known as Moore vs. Harper, brought by North Carolina’s Republican state House speaker who has challenged the state Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the legislature’s congressional maps that would have given the party an advantage through partisan gerrymandering.

The North Carolina Supreme Court in February ruled that the legislative maps, which gave Republicans as many as 11 safe districts compared to just three for Democrats, violated the state’s constitution in a 4-3 decision.

In March, the U.S. high court turned back efforts by Republicans to nullify new congressional maps approved by state court for this year’s midterm elections.

The left is in a panic because they were able to pull off a coup in 2020 by using activist judges and corrupt state officials such as Brad Raffensperger in Georgia and Mark Brnovich in Arizona to circumvent state laws. In Georgia, the corrupt Raffensperger signed an agreement with Hillary Clinton lawyer, Marc Elias to use drop boxes in the state, even though the law does not make provisions for them and they were not approved by the legislature.

The Pa. Supreme Court ruled that incomplete ballots could be counted and that ballots could be accepted up to three days after the election even though it violated the law.

The far-left Guardian reported.

The case, Moore v Harper, involves a dispute over North Carolina’s congressional districts. At the heart of the case is what has come to be known as the independent state legislature theory (ISL) – the idea that state legislatures cannot be checked by state supreme courts when it comes to setting rules for federal elections, even if the legislature’s actions violate the state’s constitution. It’s an idea that three justices – William Rehnquist, Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia – mused about in Bush v Gore, but has gained little traction since. The decision to hear the case immediately raised serious alarm from experts, who say the idea is anti-democratic and is antithetical to federalism and the separation of powers at the heart of American government.


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  • I miss the days when leftists were ignored for good reason. I would be for legislation paying all travel costs to send them all to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Russia or China. Le Bron James loves the PRC so why not move big guy.

    • Only if ALL US access passports are collected, a list of undesirables is sent out to all embassies & consulates, & the receiving gov’t is informed they have full control over such persons; that we will contest no actions taken, except returning them. No point in wasting money, if there’s anyway they can get back!

  • SCOTUS is doing the right thing. Whiney tit lefties need to stop with the temper tantrums when things don’t go their way.

    • Yes they do. They need to stop using SCOTUS as a work-around when they can’t get the legislation they want passed too; there’s a reason for that: the rest of us have rights too, including the right to reject the insane notions!

  • The issue of election management is clearly laid in the states’ gov’ts’ hands, NOT the Feds, in our Constitution. The real issue here is control; the Feds, specifically the globalist leftists, want total & absolute control over every aspect of our lives!

    • Sadly that power has always been set forth in the Constitution, but we the people got lazy, compliance. I watched it shift, and voiced concern, but it fell on deaf ears. I said it 15 years ago, the federal government is overstepping it’s authority and taking authority not granted to it by the States. I’m really happy the SCOTUS is taking this case, about time. I agree with your statements here, We The People are the givers of of what types of power the federal government get and reserve the remainders to ourselves at the state level. Time to take unauthorized power from the geriatric political elite who have NEVER held a real job met a payroll and made millions of dollars on a government check of $175,00.00 dollars along with free retirement after a single term, WOW what a sweet jod. I spent 21 years serving my country in the U.S. Navy.

  • Having the corrupt courts making up their own perverted laws has always been a bad idea for America! And when they ignore law it is even a worse idea! The power for them to okay broken laws or change laws should be taken away from them. As never were they given that power! They just gave it to themselves. And when they ignore law they should be held responsible for the outcome of their decision! With their own money paying for their defense.

  • Treasonous Demo☭rats must …NEVER be allowed to run for, or hold elected office …EVER AGAIN!



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