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I love a good princess story or fairytale as much as the next girl, but I am so over Harry and Meghan. I watched their wedding in school and it was gorgeous. Meghan was beautiful and the ceremony was just lovely. 

The fairytale ended, however, when Meghan decided to get political and she and her royal husband moved to the United States. 

She hasn’t been shy about her feelings of President Trump- she hates him. Well, recently she showed just how much she cares about herself, and how little she cares about others. Markle and husband Prince Harry were supposed to host a fundraiser to raise money for wounded soldiers.

The event, The Invictus Games, is, according to Fox, “an international, multi-sport event, focusing on wounded, injured or sickly armed service members, who participate in nine sports including wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, and indoor rowing.”

It sounds like an incredible opportunity to help those who have served, but when a Netflix deal came along after the event had been planned, the former royal couple chose Netflix over the wounded soldiers.

It was expected to raise around 1 million dollars. The event was going to be aired on Amazon, but since they are considered a financial competitor with Netflix, it appears they had to choose one.

Now, a spokesperson for the event said that the event was canceled due to COVID, and had nothing to do with the Netflix deal. However, the fact that the two streaming services are in competition, leads me to believe that COVID is just a scapegoat.

As formal royals with so much influence, they have an incredible opportunity to help others and make a difference. Yet they chose Netflix over helping others. It’s not too surprising but it really is disappointing.

People are tearing them apart, as they should. Yet in the midst of all of this, I see nothing about them apologizing or trying to reschedule the event.

Probably because the multi-year contract signed with Netflix is worth over nine figures. The Netflix contract includes a documentary series, documentaries, films, scripted shows, and children’s programs, according to Fox.

So, of course, the formerly royal couple would choose to make money over give money or help others. Now that they’re out of the royal family maybe they feel like they don’t have to impress anyone anymore. They can just look out for their own interests and live their lives for themselves.

It’s not impressive and definitely not a royal move.

Brittany Slaughter

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