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Long before liberal operatives and the corrupt mainstream media helped manipulate the 2020 presidential election, Joe Biden’s cognitive competence was in doubt. The radically progressive left in the Democrat Party ignored the obvious. They covered it up.

Joe Biden was clearly unfit to handle the rigorous responsibilities of being President of the United States.

But, aided and abetted by their corrupt co-conspirators, liberals stuck their puppet in the White House. Since Biden took office, it’s been like a train wreck for the country.

Not only have the radical policies of the far left driven the country into the ground, but Joe Biden’s cognitive awareness has worsened.

Since day one, he has made one gaffe after another and created one calamity after another. Joe Biden has embarrassed himself.

He’s embarrassed the Democrat Party. However, and worst of all, Joe Biden has embarrassed the United States of America. He is viewed around the world as a very weak and unstable leader. Even his own party wants to look elsewhere for a future presidential candidate.

Dozens of professional experts tried to warn the country prior to Election Day 2020. You can add President Donald Trump’s name to that list. But there were bona fide experts who cautioned the country about voting for someone ill-equipped to handle the duties of president.

Less than halfway through his first, and certainly his last, term in office, the troubling pattern continues. Joe Biden continues to show clear and obvious signs of cognitive decline. Nevertheless, his accomplices in the mainstream media continue to ignore the obvious.

As the leader of the free world, Joe Biden’s condition is dangerous. One expert who tried to forewarn the nation was former White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson. Dr. Jackson has been the lead medical caretaker for three different presidents. He knows what he’s saying.

But Dr. Jackson has been saying the same thing for nearly two years. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Dr. Jackson openly questioned the cognitive awareness of then-candidate Joe Biden. He has never changed his professional opinion.

The former White House physician has long noted Biden’s “crazy statements and concerning mental gaffes.”

Candidate Joe Biden forgot what state he was in at one point during the campaign. He also forgot what office he was running for on another occasion.

These aren’t little slips of the tongue. With Joe Biden, they have become a consistent pattern. For speaking his professional mind about Biden’s mental health issues, Dr. Jackson was chastised by former president Barack Obama.

But Obama has even questioned Biden’s mental acuity. At one point, the former president warned us “not to underestimate his VP’s ability to f*** things up.” Not a flattering vote of confidence from your boss. But now Joe Biden is the leader of the free world.

He’s no longer just “second-in-command”, a figurehead who can be coddled like a senile old grandpa. The senile old grandpa has control of the U.S. nuclear codes. This senile old grandpa stands with world leaders at a precariously dangerous time. He can’t do the job.

Joe Biden is supposed to lead America out of the worst economic turmoil in decades. Biden can’t even stand in front of an audience and speak clearly. Every time he opens his mouth, Biden embarrasses himself and the nation. He’s a catastrophe. However, he’s also dangerous.

Joe Biden must be removed from office before he says something that causes a worldwide catastrophe. He is not competent to be president. In all honesty, it’s very sad. Nonetheless, sad cannot be an excuse. It’s long past the time for Joe Biden to exit stage left, before it’s too late.

Brittany Slaughter

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  • I can appreciate what you said. It’s the absolute gospel truth, but it’s been repeated a 1000 times by a hundred people. When is the time going to come when we stop talking about the situation, and DO something about the situation? ENOUGH OF THE TALK, TIME TO DO!

  • The sad thing is that we cannot do anything about this farce because the democrat party stole the election for Joe and now they refuse to admit that he is compromised, in more ways than one. Our only option is to put the republicans in charge and hope that they do right by our country.

    • Hi there : If you watched the Movie ‘Obama 2016 you would see that everything came thru so far . Obama promised his Father that he would destroy the United States of America and sad to say nobody is doing anything to stop it . He needs to be taking to the high Court because he is not even a US Citizen and was born in Kenia . We are sitting and waiting for a total Destruction of our Country ???? Our Government needs to stop Biden right now !!!!!!

  • I keep hearing and reading about how important it is to get Biden out of office. But I never see anyone say anything about what would happen if he WAS removed? Who is it that would replace him? Which one is worse? I fear just as much for the country if Biden was removed.

  • Well, while we’re at it, remove the entire regime. We will be in a world of hurt that will make current circumstances seem like a picnic. We cannot stop with Biden. Harris and Pelosi need to go too. Merely removing him will not go nearly far enough. I doubt this nation can take much more of this.

  • The senior senator from Wisconsin should go right out the door with him. She cannot complete a sentence without saying ‘ah or um’ at least three times. She has finally been given a chairmanship position after being in the House and now the senate for years. She knows nothing about Agriculture, but she heads the committee because Nancy Pelosi (who also cannot speak) seems to like her. Wisconsin lost the opportunity to house the National Ag committee; the location went to a different state in the heartland who knows how to court favor. Our Senator did nothing. Our Senator ignores scandal in veterans’ hospitals, sits on her puppet hands only to stand up and say ‘aye’ whenever the liberals tell her to. We in Wisconsin, and we in Washington deserve better.

  • Obama does not care how dangerous Joe is he just wants somebody he can control like a puppet to defend his rotten, dangerous legacy. Obama is just another selfish, self centered narcissistic twit.

  • Barack Obama cannot be humiliated. He has no humility, and a sociopath does not feel embarrassment. Joe Biden is of a similar mental make-up, to the extent he has a mind.

    • At least it would bring several highly important matters to a head, and help this nation get back to the rule of law. 1) Harris is/was not eligible for the VP office, for not being a ‘natural born’ citizen. (What is a nbc? It is a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” thereof. The definition is from the definitive tome of the day of the constitutional Framers on such nation-building matters, E. de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations’. And that eligibility requirement for the offices of both VP and POTUS still stands, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary. NEITHER of her parents were U.S. citizens at the time of her birth.) Which brings up 2) BHO, accordingly, was not constitutionally eligible for the office of POTUS. He needs to be arrested, tried, and convicted on a number of charges. And when he is, all of the legislation that he signed into law, and all of the E.O.’s and P.D.’s that he issued, and all of the nominations and appointments that he made – including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts, and military command – need to go with him. Into the trash bin. For it to be as though he had never occupied that office. For, he never occupied it legally. Which brings up 3) the overthrow of this nation’s government by a bloodless coup d’etat via the stolen Nov. 2020 elections. That whole miserable business needs to come out fully – as it will – and the illegal Biden administration removed from power, and including all of the legislation that HE signed into law, etc. etc. – precisely like the administration of the Usurper, BHO. As this nation gets back to THE RULE OF LAW. As it will. As. It. Will.
      Details to follow. First things first.

  • If Biden were a service member, he would never get a security clearance at the lowest level. This President is a substantial security risk every time he approaches the podium. He has direct family members involved in foreign governments.
    He does not protect our SCOTUS.
    He blatantly allowed rioters
    He is attempting to go green—a process that will take 30-50yrs not 4
    He has destroyed a vibrant economy in 18 months and driven inflation wild.
    He is a joke as CINC of our military, and the Afghan withdrawal proved it
    He did nothing over 40yrs and people thought he was going to do something in 4 years—haha

    The US must change course—All elected officials MUST:
    Disclose last 3 yrs of taxes
    Clear a secret clearance level
    Have NO criminal background
    All prior to getting on the ballot

    All elected offices in the US have a term limit of 8 years max—thus preventing the corruption.
    Government employees may not remain in any one branch more than 8 years.
    All judges are rotated every 5 years- prevents bias by judges.
    SCOTUS—appointments are 20 years max.
    No incumbent may be paid while running for office—opponents don’t get paid
    No walls around our capital—it isTRULY the peoples house
    No retirement or after term medical coverage for elected positions.
    Cancel all current retirement for elected officials—excepting-POTUS
    Immigration for all Legally entering, but must follow process
    Post signs-use of lethal force authorized beyond this point—every 100 yards—then begin shooting violators. Other countries defend their borders. We should too.
    LGBTQ—community—no legal gay marriage. This population is very small in the US—not advocating hating them but do not condone wrong.
    No political donations from registered businesses.
    The Pentagon must curtail the constantly rising cost of our Military industrial complex
    A former military service requirement should be considered for Presidential nominees. We have consistently fallen short since our last former military President.
    No insider trading for ANY elected officials—this entices corruption
    Foreign policy—-China needs the U.S. and we need China. Differences can be figured out.
    Russia, Iran, North Korea can be held to account by a strong U.S./China relationship.
    Taiwan—-can be diffused and settled through a diplomatic measure.
    Support NATO—
    Energy— Allow US oil and gas, coal and Canada along with Mexico to have collaborated energy independent program.
    The UN will have limited power, and all countries will have contribution based on their GDP and intellectual capabilities.
    America will no longer fund every countries ambitions—limit USAID

    Very limited access to US university’s

    US government help is prioritized to developing U.S. businesses FIRST.

    Limit USDA authority and funding of large agriculture.

    Treasury—-Print no more $—- allow free trade, but it must be level.

    Education dept—eliminated—this belongs at the local level

  • Obama (AKA Barrie) the Anti-American, Anti-Police, Anti- Constitution, Anti-White, Muslim Badtard thT he is, Tried his best to destroy America when he was in charge, he brought in the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House, He went on T.V. and told the terrorists where and when America will strike and he didn’t trust the Marines and now he and Sorros are pulling the strings on their puppet to further their agenda to destroy America at a rapid pace. Biden will not be removed ad he’s protected by the Communist Democrats and the Rinos such as Liz Channey and Mit Romney, The spinless Republicans haven’t invoked the 25th, Ammendment like the Communist Democrats did during President Trump’s first day in Office. The corrupt FBI, CIA, have been compromised along with the Communist AG Garland to do one thing and one thing only, go after all Trump Supporters. The United States is in far worse trouble than we know. They have their own created terrorists Antifa and BLM to do their bidding, China is buying land and corn mills and for what.? Under Sorros and Obama’s direction he’s selling our oil reserves to China which his Son Hunter has an interest in, how odd this is not an impeachable offense.! And yet he remains in power. November maybe to late but I hope not for America’s sake. God help us all.

  • Sorry, but the economic, social, and moral destruction of our republic by China-Joe has nothing to do with Biden’s dotage or perversions. If anything, it’s a self-inflicted wound that began on Day One of his stolen presidency. It has been deliberate, purposeful, and intentional, managed by the America-hating Barry Hussein Obama and other Godless Marxists masquerading as a political party with no intention of ever ceding power. Taking back America will require a Revolution waged by armed Patriots.

    • Yes I agree with you, that’s basically what I’m saying their all in on it including Sorros. They’ve got plenty of time to rig the elections from now until November and I believe what you stated should they steal the elections again and remain in power then a revolution might be the answer.

  • The REAL problelm here is that our current VP is worse. She may not be cognitive challenged but she is worse by her own design and incompetent is the kindest thing that she could be called. Between Obummer and Biden we had a great President but the Demorats found a way to get him out of the White House because he was doing great things for the country and they cannot have that.

  • Read Dinesh D’ Souza’s book “2,000 Mules” to learn all about the massive cheating and fraud in the 2020 election.

  • Oh damn, reading the headline (humiliating position), I thought he was caught on his knees – again. But then remembered that’s the VPs job – Vice President KneePads.

  • Won’t happen. The PTB PUT this man (not Joe Biden) into the office, to serve their purposes. Biden has not been seen since he fell up the ramp boarding USAF 1, a yr ago March. I don’t know who this guy is, or where the real Biden is; he’d been standing in for Biden at rallies, on occasion, prior to that fall, but has consistently appeared as Biden since it.

  • I have a feeling that Obama has never been a Christian, because he expounds Islam and he keeps his Islamic name rather than returning back to his Christian name. Jesus said very plainly, “I am THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE”. Note, that he didn’t say I am A WAY, A TRUTH and A LIFE?
    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.
    A Christian would not keep a name that promotes a false way, a false truth (a lie) and a false life (death).

  • Funny thing……. I remember mentioning during the election, that Mr. B is the only candidate in history of presidential elections that actually had a book published on the ridiculously stupid things he has said. Said book would be “The Book of Bidenisms”. Even the ‘O’ dude (Oblamer), kept Mr. B hidden. Even more so after the goofball statement about what he told his wife to do with a shotgun! The ‘O’ dud is just as much to blame for getting someone in the Oval Office, that is completely unfit for the duties he must perform, and for the extremely sad state of the nation!

  • Obama, with the help of Susan Rice, has been enjoying his 3rd term in office. He doesn’t want any of us conservatists ruffling his or Joe’s feathers!!

  • I do not think the LYING KENYAN is a US Citizen !
    ” F B O ” !

  • No one is going to “do something” about Biden’s weak condition, diagnosed prior to election because We the People do not want another incompetent President. His VP. Need we say more?

  • Obama has been running things ever since Biden got in the WH. How sick is that? We were clear done with him in 2017.
    some of the young women have just let it out that they are going to Obama’s place in DC and having a meeting with him.




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