To hear a Democrat tell it, the 2020 presidential election was the securest and most honest election in U.S. history. Voting machines are incapable of being manipulated. Cyber hacks are unable to attack and manipulate election networks.

No one could possibly have cheated, especially an old man who campaigned for president from the seclusion of his Delaware basement. All is well! Now be quiet and accept the results, as shockingly bizarre as they are.

Joe Biden got more votes than any other candidate for U.S. president ever. Millions of Americans still do not believe that’s what happened. And now, even liberals are proving that they know it didn’t really happen, either.

Democrats are facing a tsunami-like red wave shellacking in the 2022 midterm elections. Most political experts expect the liberal left to lose complete control of Capitol Hill. They’re panicking. The same bogus narrative of how “safe and secure” our elections are has changed.

Cybersecurity units from the U.S. National Guard are being activated in at least 14 states. Battleground states, including many that Joe Biden suspiciously won in 2020, are on this list. Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Colorado highlight the list.

If Democrats lose U.S. Senate races in these three states, they’re all but assured of losing control of the upper chamber. It’s a foregone conclusion that Democrats are going to lose control of the U.S. House. The only question is by how many seats.

An added level of election security is welcome, as long as it’s authentic. Most of these efforts appear to be preventative rather than measures that are going to expose widespread attacks. Army Major General M. Todd Hunt is the adjutant general of the North Carolina National Guard.

Hunt told Politico. “We are citizen soldiers; we live in this state, and we do have a vested interest in our state elections as well as our federal elections.” Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Director Jen Easterly doesn’t expect “major disruptions.”

National Guard officials will get security updates from the CISA. The CISA is a 2018-creation of the President Trump administration. The agency works to prevent attacks and projected attacks against U.S. cyber and infrastructure, including U.S. elections.

This should be a layer of election protection that helps reassure voters. There has not been a more important election in modern memory. Americans are poised to tell the liberal left what they think about the socialist-driven takeover assault on U.S. democracy.

With the level of enhanced security surrounding the 2022 midterms, we wonder how the liberals will view the final results. Will this be another “safe and secure” election, even though Democrats are expected to suffer overwhelming losses?

How much do you want to bet that liberals scream election fraud from the highest mountaintops late on election night and into the following weeks? Democrats insist that elections are secure as long as the right party wins. This time, expect to hear a roar because they’re not going to win.

Brittany Slaughter

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  • I fully expect to hear delayed decisions. That’s the main reason Democrats are so Gung Ho for Mail In Voting. Once they see how many votes they need, they then manufacture the numbers they need to steal the election through late ballot drops.
    It worked for them in 2020, and they’ll use it again and again.
    We Lost Our Republic in Election 2020.

  • They SHOULD be monitoring these elections for Democrat THIEVING.

    The CRATS just can’t help themselves, it’s in their DNA for survival. They simply cant win without cheating.

    It’s what happened to them when they were banished from the garden for copulating with snakes.

  • Where were the guards,
    During OUR last election?
    We definitely needed them,
    for OUR election protection!
    We NEVER lost,
    but suffered defeat,
    perhaps this time,
    the Democrat’s can’t CHEAT!!!

    • If only! They elected a dead man in Pa. and another who is unable to do any better than Biden. (Pennsylvania, as well).



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