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Is it too much to ask that the “Inflation Reduction Act” of the Biden Regime actually accomplish what its name implies?

Evidently, that is too much to ask for.

The bait-and-switch tactic is no longer being attempted by Sen. Joe Manchin. Even though it was explicitly promised to do so, he is openly acknowledging that the left’s large spending legislation won’t “immediately” lower inflation.

Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn questioned the West Virginia senator about whether the $740 billion bill misled Americans. According to her, many people are holding out hope that they would soon see decreases in the prices of common goods.

“Why would it?” Manchin asked and added, “Well, immediately it’s not… we’ve never [said] anything would happen immediately, like turn the switch on and off.”

As Manchin answered questions, he stated that while it will take some time to make the required investments to lower rates, many were anticipated to be made as soon as the legislation was passed.

“We’re fighting like the dickens. You got to produce yourself out of this… if you think that you’re going to wait on the Federal Reserve to raise rates, discourage you from buying anything (and) that’s going to take care of our inflation, that’s not how you take care of inflation,” Manchin said.

He acknowledged that the law wouldn’t result in any economic magic, but said it would save money in the long run over the next ten years.

“That’s not going to be overnight. They have incentives to do that, to help them,” Manchin said, adding, “Trust me, if you have something going bad in your home where you’re replacing it, and you have some assistance you’re thinking of, that might be of help.”

Therefore, you should not plan on making any large purchases in the near future. The billion-dollar spending blunder of the Biden Regime won’t slow down the nation’s inflation any time soon.

Brittany Slaughter

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  • Joe Manchin is a FRAUD! He is nothing but a typical Dem taking handouts and payoffs from all the corporate shills and lobbyists in Washington DC!


  • He lost me at “Trust me”. He is no better than any of the other lying, look after yourself sons-of bitches.

  • WHY haven’t supposed SANE (HUMAN) ADULTS caught on yet?????? WHATEVER a so-called Bill is named…….it’s THE FOOKIN OPPOSITE!! Are individuals THIS DUMB?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Fuck Manchin he lies like a rug . When BLMharassed him while he was driving his Maserati in the parking garage I thought he was a good Dem and not supporting the Trill$ bill that Biden was sticking us with , Now he signs on to this shit bill and shoves it up our Asses . He must be voted out he is scum now we know how he accrued over 9mill$ to his net worth and lives on a 700 K floating pontoon boat .VOTE THE SHIT. BAG OUTTTTTT

    • That’s funny; “good Dem”. If you’re really a Korean vet then you’re old enough to remember the saying the old good Commie . . . ; same applies to all Dems!!

  • OK, West Virginia. There ya go. It was bad enough to see him standing next to Plugs grinning as he signed this economic killing bill. Now the “word salads” his way through a stupid “explanation” of why this is BS
    It’s up to you now. Time to find a good Constitutional conservative who will stick to the Constitution and the fact that this country is OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE, not the government.

  • Anyone that has followed this phony over the years know he has round heels and can’t be trusted on any issue. Just another southerner that unfaithful to his state. Get used to it.

  • I don’t know why ANYONE was fooled by the charlatan – I was not! Everyone who has loved when President Trump quotes “The Snake” at his rallies should have recognized Manchin for what he is. He is NOT a typical democrat rattlesnake – like RINOs Manchin is a copperhead or cottonmouth that strikes without warning. Sooner or later everyone should learn that there are NO MODERATE DEMOCRATS. I used to think they were just ignorant, but I am now more than ever convinced that all the leaders are evil, and their followers follow them like a cult of satan.

  • How long will it take for the good people of West Virginia to get fed up with Manchin and his games. He threw you under the bus. If that Bill was any good it would help at once. It didn’t take very long for inflation and prices to go up under Biden and his cronies. You have the most beautiful state in the Union with some of the hardest workers. Unless your a deadbeat this bill will do nothing. VOTE HIM OUT!!!

    • Correct! Manchin is constantly posturing and playing the people that vote for him as well as his peers in Congress. He is just another career politician living off the efforts of others. Give him a little time and his true intentions will be discovered.

  • We have a different opinion of Manchin now, favorable at one time but a wolf is a wolf hidden in sheepskin. Wonder what was in this deal he made with Schumer for himself?

  • When the Democrats talk about benefits “down the road” they know it won’t happen. Down the road how far … five years, ten years or until everyone that heard it has died?

  • Manchin has said it would take 10 yrs. to get us on being energy independent. What, 10 yrs and it only took 1 day to take it away. Joe, we were energy independent the day before Biden took office. It only took a stroke of a pen his first day in office to cancel it, so don’t give me this crap it would take 10 yrs. to get it back. Open up our US pipelines, like the one you were able to open up for saying yes to this Bill, step on some foreign countries toes and lets be independent again. AMERICA FIRST Joe.

  • I have lost all respect for Manchin and that really hurts, but frankly I wouldnt give him a drink of water during a heat wave now

  • Typical Washington, DC DISEASE manifested in Manchin and Sinema. When you are sworn into office their oath is to the deep state/swamp IGNORING the promises they make while campaigning back home. They CAVE in to either the party bosses who are career parasites or to their high dollar overlords that control them. They deliver the middle finger double salute to the people they made promises to and ELECTED them for that office. This is an excellent example of why we need term limits.

  • Manchin held out until Chuck Schumer told him that Biden will “consider” approving building a Liquid Natural Gas pipeline in WV. Of course, Manchin fell for it. But, the rest of us recall how Biden “considered” the Keystone Pipeline.



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