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Joe Biden is just another lying Democrat, I believe we can all agree on that. That’s what Democrats do. They lie constantly.

As you may be aware, the FBI and Department of Justice, under the leadership of Joe Biden, conducted a raid on President Trump’s Florida estate Mar-A-Lago early last month. In their hunt for classified documents, they combed through his possessions.

Joe Biden learned about the raid through the media, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who made the statement to reporters the day following the operation.

Well, they probably didn’t expect that President Trump was going to do something about this and that they would have to unseal a lot of what has already been unsealed.

Because earlier this week judge Aileen Cannon granted a special request from President Trump to appoint a special master to review the material that was confiscated during the raid at Mar-A-Lago.

Oh, but that’s not all. We also know that Joe Biden was lying and that it was actually he who ordered the FBI to proceed with obtaining the documents at Mar-A-Lago.

According to the document in which Judge Cannon gave her ruling, it reads: “…NARA informed Plaintiff that it would proceed with ‘provid[ing] the FBI access to the records in question, as requested by the incumbent President.”

But don’t forget the question that was asked of Joe Biden: “Mr. President, how much advanced notice did you have of the FBI’s plan to search Mar-a-Lago?“

BIDEN: “I didn’t have any advanced notice. None, zero, not one single bit.”

I think this is just clever talk to get around admitting that he actually knew something. If I were to imagine me being in his shoes and I wanted to make sure that I could say that honestly, I would tell them to go ahead and do it sometime in the next few days but don’t tell me when. That way when I’m asked how much advance notice did you know you could say none because they never told you when they were going to do it because you didn’t want them to.

Brittany Slaughter

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  • No body will ever trust the FBI,ATF.CIA,after this BS.I am sure they all had a hand in the assassination of JFK.Just think how much worse they are now after 60+ years of communist rule.They do not hide any more they are ready to go for it all.Complete Hitler take over of the USA.They do NOT go by the law or constitution.

    • What about Foster, found dead next to his car in the parking garage with a bullet to the back of his head, ruled a suicide. Nothing mentioned about that. Nor of the other suicides with connections to the Clintons.

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  • If the lying Demonrats read the Constitution and went by what it says they would have to get real jobs and not be stealing money and rights from We the People!! Congress voted that a President could have 2 terms yet the Congress doesn’t have limits. President Trump had things well in hand and ran the country like a business while Bin Biden and his cronies are destroying our great nation and trying to bankrupt it!!

  • Biden is telling the truth, unknowingly. No one would have to notify the person in charge of the raid. He just forgot he was in charge.

  • Listening to this “so called” press secretary is a waste of one’s time. Basically, all she does is repeat Biden’s lies thinking that she is believable. By this time, no sane American believes that she isn’t given a script from the White House telling her exactly what to say. Why do you think she is constantly are looking at her notebook? The red head before her did the same thing, but not as badly as this one. Of course, Biden knew what was going to happen at Mar-a-Lago. No doubt he authorized it. Biden and his administration will go as far as it takes, even weaponizing the FBI who now have lost the respect of American citizens, to prevent Trump from running in 2024. There is plenty of proof that Trump actually won the election. Just look at the crowds Trump draws as opposed to Biden’s dismal numbers while campaigning. Biden for some reason is going after American citizens by driving up inflation affecting gas prices, food prices, interest rates etc. This affects every single American. Watching and listening to Biden’s latest speeches he’s not only divisive but insulting to anyone who doesn’t agree with his policies or his agenda. At one point calling Americans who just plain don’t like Biden, idiots.

  • Biden lied about knowing about the raid he stated a few months ago he was going to do whatever it takes to keep trump from running again that tells me he ordered it.

  • He is doing the same things NIXON did and he was thrown out of office TIME FOR BIDEN TO GO BECAUSE HE HIS WIFE HIS SON LIERS 100 times worse than anything PRESIDENT TRUMP DID

  • So the Democrats Saint ain’t so holy after all! WHAT A SURPRISE!!! Anybody with the IQ of a rock knows that is what makes a Democrat! THEY ALL LIE AND ARE PERVERTS! Joe never won anything I hope Trump put a special council to find out who was the head of the BIG CHEAT! And has every voting machine checked for who did what! Anybody gets in the way! They go to jail for obstruction!

    • The FACT is that if the Liberal Democrat Criminals continue to stay in power, NOTHING WILL EVER BE DONE TO EVEN TRY TO GET THE TRUTH OUT, but IF WE, the Republican Party, under President Trump’s leadership, retake power, there WILL BE AN HONEST INVESTIGATION INTO ALL OF THE LIBERAL’S CROOKED DEALINGS !!! President Trump WILL see to that, I am positive of that !!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, VOTE Republican, at least allow OUR questions to be ASKED, Biden and HIS Crooked FBI and bought and paid for JUDGES won’t even allow US to ASK any QUESTIONS, to them WE are ALL INSURRECTIONISTS !!!! PLEASE VOTE Republican !!!

  • Another reason to NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT !!!! The Liberal Criminals MUST be removed from our Government, permanently !!!! There can be NO COMPROMISE WITH CORRUPT COMMUNIST LIBERAL CRIMINALS, PERIOD !!!
    PLEASE, PLEASE, VOTE Republican !!!!

    • I’m seriously afraid that if Trump gets elected again, that some deranged idiot from the left won’t do to him what they did to President Kennedy. The deep state and the corrupt left will stop at nothing to get their way or stay in power, and that, my friends is very scary.

      • Never fear, everything people are seeing now is nothing more than a play (as in Shakespeare’s all the world’s a stage) a world wide play to hopefully finally waken those who’ve been brainwashed into a comatose state by the msm, to the REAL situation we narrowly escaped. The democraps have been working toward destroying America for a very long time, they are fully a part of the planned great reset, but they and the global luciferian cabal has lost and God has won. By the end of October I believe the whole world will know just what criminal plan President Trump and his white hats thwarted on our behalf!,

    • The recent event where a judge decided a former sheriff would never be allowed to hold public office again (unused in a hundred years) was just a preliminary trial to prepare to do exactly that to Trump before the 2024 election. If that fails, assasination is in the cards.

    • Yes but the Republicans need to get back in power so they can impeach him!! He needs to go yesterday and put in prison for all the corruption he has done and is still doing. He is the worst President in the history of this country and should be ashambed of all the trouble he has caused our country. Wat an asshole he is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How do you know Joe is lying? His mouth is moving and there is sound coming out! And Democrats want us to believe this retard that hid in his basement and can’t even draw a crowd today as president got 81 million real votes????? LMAO! I can only hope Trump has a special council for all the voting machines and all the money from mr Zuck! And anybody that gets in the way! Judges included get arrested right on the spot! And gets the DC treatment! Till the end of the investigation! We should arrest all 2000 mules ! They will quickly sell out their Democrat leaders!

  • The entire raid along with the hateful speech this so called president has done is obvious he is concerned over his incompetency. The present administration is very quickly turning our country into a third world country.

  • Just another lie by the man 81m Americans (LOL) voted for. I might be wrong, but even if you don’t like Trump, you had to like the way Americans were “winning” for a change. We actually had a President that wanted to work for us and do the things necessary to make our Country great. This is why I’ll never believe that 1) Biden got 81m legal votes and 2) that most Americans are smart enough to tell the difference of success and failure.

    • We weren’t winning. We almost lost our nation and our Constitution. 81mil votes said “get rid of this poison” — and we did. And we don’t give a rats tail if you believe it or not. That’s as irrelevant as the Orangeman is now..

  • Your Pumpkin is a traitor and now quite possibly a spy. He’s going to jail after he gets tried for treason. A SHAME of a President. Glad we got rid of him.

  • So this will make it open season on Biden! Obama! The Clintons! The Cheney’s! And lets not forget the Bush’s ! And when the media makes a fuss we can just say this is what Democrats wanted and the media said nothing! So now we can all care less they are upset! It is called EQUAL JUSTICE! Democrats will absolutely hate that! So will the corrupt media and the people will laugh at them for being so stupid and gullible!

  • Well anybody who knows groping joe and long nose nancy pelosi’s background could tell you without a doubt the two are responsible for more treasonous acts than any other. They changed the qualifications for obama the illegal immigrant homosexual muslim brotherhood imposter and a transgender male as First Lady. Sickness runs among the demonic democrats dictatorship liars stealing cheating taxpayers dollars to change America into a NWO with Islamic rule and sharia laws. ALL SHOULD BE GIVEN A TAR AND FEATHERS FAREWELL PARTY. SEMPER FIDELIS

  • He makes Hillary Clinton look like a “nun” with all his ” BIG FAT LIES”!!!~! Dump them all in both the 2022 and 2024 elections is the only legal and right answer for us all as the still free American voters!!!!!

  • If a Democrat’s lips are moving, they are lying! Sad part is, some people are stupid enough to believe the lies! God help our country!

  • I know Biden is a liar! Have known for decades! What I don’t get is the Democratic party that is so easily fooled? How can they be so stupid to keep swallowing one lie after another! As Biden is screwing them just as bad! They pay the same high prices and taxes we all do. And they are in the streets cheering they are getting screwed! How can they be that stupid and gullible? Was there something in the JAB? Or in the water? Or are they just brainwashed ? The same way they did in NAZI GERMANY? As that is exactly what it looks like! As this is the biggest robbery the country has ever seen! Since Obama used our money to pay off the criminal banks and sold GM to China!

  • Biden and the Democrats as a whole, are liars. They’ve been lying to the American people for years. The sheer audacity that he would say he didn’t know anything, zero, is a lie. He controls the FBI. He had Trumps Mar-a-Lago home searched for political reasons. The Dems are scared to death that come November, they will lose their seats,
    also, that Trump will run in 2024 and win, so they came up with this not so smart idea to raid his home and claim he had documents that he shouldn’t have had in his possession. and somehow him having these documents was a threat to our country. Time all these people who voted for Biden, God knows why, should come to realize that the Democrats only care about themselves and their lucrative jobs in our government. Take Omar for example, she hates Jews. Who needs a politician like that, who for her own hatred of a race of people, should be allowed to make decisions concerning one of our strongest allies? If people seeing what Biden has done up to now, and they still think that they weren’t doing better under Trump, they really have drunk the Kool-Aid and there’s no hope for them.



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