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On October 13, Biden tweeted that President Trump’s handling of COVID-19 is “the greatest failure of presidential leadership in our nation’s history.”

Considering Biden accidentally said he was running for Senate the other day, his credibility regarding presidential failures isn’t exactly top-notch. He can’t even remember that he’s running for president, yet he thinks that he can do better than Trump. 

It’s laughable, honestly.

Throughout the Biden/Harris campaign, the Swine Flu has come up often. The team compares Trump’s handling of COVID to the Swine Flu handled under the Obama/Biden administration. Doing so is like comparing apples and a Hershey bar. The two are polar opposites.

The Swine Flu has less than 200,000 cases a year, is treatable, and preventable. There are varying reports of how many people have died of Swine Flu, however, all of the numbers are tens of thousands smaller than COVID.

This is not because Obama and Biden did such a good job containing the virus, rather, it just wasn’t that bad. It was new to America, sure, but it was not nearly as intense as COVID. Trump is in completely unprecedented waters with COVID. From the very beginning, he shut down travel and created a task force. He’s serious about ending COVID.

But because he hasn’t single-handedly destroyed the disease, Democrats are going for his throat. 

Last I checked, no one has eradicated the Swine Flu either. Do they not care about the people that contract it or die from it? Of course not, because there’s no political gain there. Democrats don’t care about you as an individual. All that they care about is gaining power and they’ll do whatever is necessary to get it- even if it means lying to you and causing you more harm in the process.

We’ve also seen how the Democrats have completely overblown the virus. So much so, that all that they do is cause more fear in Americans so they can steal votes from Trump. If Americans feel that Trump isn’t doing anything to end COVID and is just letting Americans die, they’ll feel more inclined to vote for Biden and Harris, who lie every time they talk but promise to make COVID better. Somehow.

I really don’t know how they expect to make any difference. Trump has been doing everything possible to eradicate the virus and has some of the best experts in the world at his disposal. How are Biden and Harris going to do any better?

And honestly, there have been way more serious events and problems in America, not fixed by presidents than COVID. So Biden calling Trump’s handling of this the greatest failure of presidential leadership is really a joke.

Clinton presidency anyone?

So many people have gotten COVID and easily recovered. President Trump who is elderly, and has the literal weight of the world on his shoulders recovered quickly. I’ve had friends that contracted COVID and said it wasn’t bad. Obviously, no one likes to be sick, but it’s not as bad as the Democrats are making it out to be.

All that the Biden/Harris campaign is trying to do with that cheap shot tweet is put more fear into the hearts of Americans in the hopes those Americans will vote Democrat.

Let’s be smarter than that, America. Trump has actions to back up his political points of a hard-working man that loves America. 

All that Biden has is a Twitter account and a bunch of lies.

Brittany Slaughter

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